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July  31 - August 16, 2015
On the Campus of Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, Nevada

Experience the thrill of SummerFest Concerts featuring renowned soloists from the world's stages and the exceptional musicians of the Lake Tahoe SummerFest Orchestra, drawn from the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony and other exceptional orchestras throughout the world.

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New this year: Reserved seating within the Front Orchestra section.
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Week One: July 31 - August 2*

Guest Artist: Joseph Kalichstein, Piano


Orchestra Concert ‘Destination Genius’
Friday July 31st, 7:15 pm
Mendelssohn: String Symphony No. 10                        
Mozart: Symphony No. 36, “Linz”                            
Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5, “Emperor”  

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Come be lifted out of your seat by the captivating music of three genius composers.  Experience the dramatic dash of the 14 year-old prodigy Mendelssohn in his String Symphony that overflows with precocious, youthful, and tuneful excitement. Relive Mozart's dilemma of needing a symphony in 5 days, and writing it at break-neck speed; that vibrant energy fills the "Linz" Symphony with boisterous good humor and boundless energy.  Add an agonized Beethoven, having lost most of his hearing but still composing, and unwilling to leave Vienna - though Napoleon's artillery was bursting around him. The result is the most popular piano concerto ever written; glowing with majesty and a testament to a manís heroic will to survive in trying times.  SummerFest concert favorite and renowned pianist Joseph Kalichstein leads the listener through this concertoís galloping themes and fountains of notes.


Meet the Music-Meet the Musicians Chamber Music ‘In a Vienna Café’
Saturday, August 1st, 7:15 pm
Mozart: Piano Quartet in E-flat major
Schubert: Quintet in C major for Strings

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Viennese coffeehouses were the hotbed of creative excitement in the eras of Mozart and Schubert. If you wanted to hear the latest music and more, the coffee house was the place for coffee, sweets, and great concerts.  In a cutting-edge piece, Mozart wrote for a 'new' kind instrument (the piano!), creating a powerhouse showcase in this Piano Quartet.  Cafés were also a welcome refuge for young composers, not the least the brilliant and fabulously gifted, but very little known, Franz Schubert. Two months before his untimely death he created this stunning Cello Quintet, filled with an ethereal beauty which is heartfelt and truly sublime.


Orchestra Concert ‘Passion for Dance’
Sunday, August 2nd, 4pm
Bach:  Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor                    
Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 17
Brahms: Serenade No.2, Op. 16    

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From the elegant courtly dances of Bach to the robust peasant dances of Brahms, this dance-rhythm inspired music will set toes tapping.  J. S. Bach's Orchestral Suite takes inspiration from a collection of French and Spanish dances and features the soulful and agile playing of SummerFest Principal Flute, Demarre McGill.  Next Joseph Kalichstein takes the stage in the Mozart Concerto for Piano No. 17, illustrating the composer's touching and engaging melodies which dance to an animated finale filled with exuberant glee. Bringing the concert to a close is Brahms' Serenade, filled with relaxed, gregarious tunes and robust peasant dances - leaving the impression of a country gathering, dappled with sunlight and shadow.


Week Two: August 7 - 9*

Guest Artists: Ana Vidović, Guitar & Jeremy McCoy, Double Bass

ana vidovic

Orchestra Concert ‘Spanish Fire’
Friday August 7th, 7:15pm
Rodrigo: Zarabanda lejana y Villancico                
Piazzolla: Tangazo
Arriaga: Symphony in D major                        
Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez

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The Tahoe summer night is infused with the scent of jasmine and the sounds of guitars. Warm up with Rodrigoís lush "Zarabanda" and then lunge into Piazzolaís tango-inspired "Tangazo". Stop for a breath with the charming Symphony of  Arriaga, 'the Spanish Mozart', and then experience a fiery finish with Guest Artist Ana Vidović, who lights up the night with the driving rhythms and dramatic flourishes of the worldís most popular guitar concerto: Rodrigo's 'Concierto de Aranjuez'.

girl with fan

Meet the Music-Meet the Musicians Chamber Music ‘Latin Embrace’
Saturday, August 8th, 7:15pm
Boccherini: Quintet for Guitar and Strings, 4th movement, "Fandango"
Torroba: Sonatina
    Ana Vidović, Guest Artist
Turîna: La Oración del Torero (The Toreador’s Prayer)
Granados: Piano Trio, Opus 50

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The crisp Tahoe summer night warms up with dance music, matched with a bullfighterís bravery. Festive music comes from Italian composer Luigi Boccherini, who traveled to Madrid in 1761 to become court musician for Spainís royal family; this Fandango movement is a favorite among all guitar enthusiasts.  Next soloist Ana Vidović takes the stage alone for Torrobaís delightful 'Sonatina' - which some say is a musical representation of a wedding in rural Spain depicting a horse-drawn bridal carriage, wedding ceremony and the post-wedding reception "fiesta". Then Turinaís 'The Torreador's Prayer' bring spicy Iberian flavors and atmospheres that set an exotic scene for adventure and bravado – in fact, the toreadorís passion comes through in a score that gives a nod to romantic vintage movie soundtracks.  Lastly, the Granados Piano Trio gives a loving farewell to this Latin embrace; like a beautiful piece of Spanish architecture, this trio has hints of Moorish, gypsy and folklore elements.  With thrilling writing for the piano, and an emotional and romantic heart, it's a mirror of Spain itself.


Orchestra Concert ‘Hollywood in Tahoe’
Sunday August 9th, 4pm

Bernard Hermann: Suite from “Psycho”                
Rota: Divertimento Concertante for Double Bass and Orchestra            
Copland: Music for Movies                            
Doyle: Selections from Sense and Sensibility

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Celebrate the unsung hero of movies – the film score!  Bernard Hermann's 'Suite from Psycho' includes one of the most famous moments in movie music history.  And if you loved the scores for Felliniís ëLa dolce vitaí and Viscontiís 'The Leopard', you'll love Nino Rota's 'Concertante for Double Bass', featuring Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Principal Bass Jeremy McCoy.   With virtuoso fireworks, this concerto displays everything from a burlesque march to a sprightly finale where agility and the instrument's extreme range plays the starring role.  Copland's 'Music for Movies' brings music from three films, at turns atmospheric and buoyant, and the concert ends with the bucolic beauty of Patrick Doyle's score for the 1995 film 'Sense and Sensibility', depicting the sweep of the English countryside and the torn emotions of the heroines. Get ready for the red carpet!


Week Three: August 14 - 16*

Paul Watkins, Guest Conductor & Nathan Hughes, Oboe


Orchestra Concert ‘Hero’s Passage’
Friday, August 14th, 7:15pm
Paul Watkins, Guest conductor
Wagner: Siegfried Idyll                                    
Richard Strauss: Oboe Concerto                        
Haydn: Symphony No. 104, “London”         

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Celebrating the heroic journey, in this concert we encounter works from larger-than-life composers; finding tender surprises, proud survivors, and crowning achievements.  Wagner wrote the 'Siegfried Idyll' as a sumptuous birthday present to his wife; this musical surprise awakened her at daybreak, performed by musicians standing on the stairs of their villa.  Jumping forward 75 years we find a different composerís career in tatters at the end of WWII. But Richard Strauss met a young US Army man (also a professional oboist) stationed nearby, and from their conversations came the remarkable 'Oboe Concerto' - a showpiece for the brave soloist who takes on the challenges of the floating rhapsodic lines and eloquent melodies.  And from beloved 'Papa Haydn', revered mentor to the great composers of next generations, we hear the culmination of a long creative life in music, a celebration of his adopted home, and his final symphony: the exhilarating and uplifting 'London Symphony'.                         

n hughes

Meet the Music-Meet the Musicians Chamber Music ‘White Nights, Golden Moons’
Saturday, August 15th, 7:15pm
Rimsky-Korsakov:  Piano Quintet in B-flat major
Tchaikovsky: String Sextet Souvenir de Florence

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The mystical spirit of the Baltic summer white nights shines brightly in this concert featuring two of the giants of Russian music. From Rimsky-Korsakov, composer of the delightful 'Flight of the Bumblebee' and 'Scheherazade', comes a Piano Quartet with twists and intricate designs that mirror Russian church spires.  The composer's famous explosions of color flow through the memorable melodies and fill the quartet with a sense of place.  Then we see Florence through the eyes of one of its grateful visitors, Tchaikovsky.  While visiting that jewel of Italian cities – one of his favorite vacation spots - Tchaikovsky sketched themes that reflect ease and graciousness, though never losing the throb of a passionate Russian heart.

russian church

Orchestra Concert ‘The Danube-Baltic Express
Sunday August 16, 4:00pm
Mozart: Serenade No. 12 for Winds in C minor                                
Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra                    
Beethoven: Symphony No. 2, Op. 36

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In this final concert of the SummerFest 2015 season, climb aboard for a whirlwind round-trip-express-tour, all the way from the musical touchstone city of Vienna, Austria to the Baltic gem of St. Petersburg, Russia and back again. In 1782, when Mozart was wooing Constanze Weber, the daughter of the family where he lodged in Vienna, the courtship was not going entirely smoothly.  The composer may have written this seductive  'Night Music' to woo his intended; if so, it worked, as the couple was married in Vienna's musically and visually iconic Cathedral, St. Stephenís in August of 1782.  Far away in Russia in 1876, Tchaikovsky - a great admirer of Mozart - took the elegant decorations of the previous century as his inspiration and created a dazzling showpiece for cello. The 'Rococo Variations' tumble and leap with light-hearted and cheerful variations on a theme.  Then we return to Vienna, now in 1802 finding Beethoven in despair, facing his increasing deafness, but determined to 'Seize fate by the throat'. Incredibly, during this agonizing time he created his Symphony No. 2; filled with lyricism, wit, lively energy and hope.

*Repertoire and Guest Artists subject to change.        

Performances held on the campus of Sierra Nevada College
999 Tahoe Boulevard, Incline Village, Nevada